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How to Avoid Acne

How to avoid acne seems to be a very important question especially for adolescents and many adults that are facing the acne problems. Rather than treating them when they attack us, the easiest way to simply treat acne is by avoiding getting acne in the first place. So here’s some of the simplest ways to avoid acne Keep your hair off your face. This is because our hair has natural oils and when this comes in contact with your skin, it can cause... 

Dry Skin Remedies and Advice

Having dry skin can be depressing and uncomfortable so here are some dry skin remedies and advice that you can follow Have a warm glass of milk with a teaspoon of almond oil before bedtime Use baby lotion because it happens to be one of the best moisturizing lotion you can find that are often way better than most moisturizing lotions for adult in the market  

Side Effects of Topical Steriod

While there isn’t any doubt that topical steroids have tremendous benefits in reducing inflammation, you should know that topical steroids have their side effects as well. Side effects of topical steroids can sometimes be seen within days of starting therapy but for some people, the side effects of topical steroid may only be seen with long term usage. For those using topical steroid, you will need to know what are the different types of side...