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Side Effects of Topical Steriod

While there isn’t any doubt that topical steroids have tremendous benefits in reducing inflammation, you should know that topical steroids have their side effects as well. Side effects of topical steroids can sometimes be seen within days of starting therapy but for some people, the side effects of topical steroid may only be seen with long term usage. For those using topical steroid, you will need to know what are the different types of side... 

Dry Skin Care

Problem with dry skin is that it can be painful and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important that people with dry skin take care of their skin well. Although there are some cases where dry skin is hereditary, most common cases are caused by either medical conditions or external causes such as weather. However, with the right daily skin care habits, you can ensure that your skin will be smooth and moist soon enough. Here are some tips for dry skin... 

Types of Liquid Body Cleanser

You may want to read this article before choosing the brand of liquid body cleanser that is suitable for your skin. You see, liquid body cleaners were first introduced back in the 1990s. The production of liquid soaps offers consumers a less damaging alternative to bar soaps with the usage if milder surfactants and better moisturizers. In general, there are 3 types of liquid body cleaners with different properties.