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How to Avoid Acne on Face

Here are some of the simple guidelines on how to avoid acne on face. Firstly, to avoid acne on face, drink  at least 10 glasses of water a day to keep your skin hydrated. Another tip to avoid acne on face is not to pop your pimples! This is to avoid bacteria from getting inside the pores  and spreading them to other parts of your face  

Types of Bar Soaps In The Market

Bar soaps in the market are made by mixing alkali with oil or fat, a process known as saponification. The oils used in soaps are usually either vegetable oil  such as palm oil, groundnut oil, coconut oil and etc or non vegetable oil such as tallow or lard. There are a few types of bar soaps in the market which are available for you to select. The most common bar soaps usually contain the most strongest surfactants that is great for washing the dirt... 

Tips on Waxing Skin

There are still lots of people that removes unwanted hair ineffectively by using wax. Because of the lack of knowledge on dos and dont’s of waxing, one can probably find his / herself experiencing the side effects of waxing. Below are some tips on waxing skin