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Benefits of mineral makeup

While many have the wrong perception that mineral makeup can help cure acne, there are a few benefits of mineral makeup compared with normal makeup. One of the starting benefits of mineral makeup is the proponents that mineral makeup does not have such as fragrance, preservatives and other filler ingredients which can cause problems to those with sensitive skin.  

Tips for Caring for Eczema

We know eczema is a type of skin problem that causes a lot of distress to the person that Is having eczema. Here are some tips for caring for your eczema skin Tip for caring for eczma #1 – Do not use steroid or topical creams if you do not need them as prolong usage will cause harmful effects such as skin thinning  

Tips for Caring for Your Under Eyes

There are a few tips that you can adopt to care for your under eyes as it is important to care for your under eyes so that you do not look tired or age before your actual age. Here are some tips to caring for your under eyes. Avoid rubbing your eyes Rubbing your eyes can actually bring in allergies and because of this, it irritates the skin and break the tiny capillaries underneath causing discoloration and puffiness