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Dry Skin Remedies and Advice

Having dry skin can be depressing and uncomfortable so here are some dry skin remedies and advice that you can follow Have a warm glass of milk with a teaspoon of almond oil before bedtime Use baby lotion because it happens to be one of the best moisturizing lotion you can find that are often way better than most moisturizing lotions for adult in the market  

Natural Remedies for Dry skin

Dry and rough skin is always a problem for people living in cold climates. Natural remedies for dry skin are one of the more popular choices to cure skin dryness. Here is a list of natural remedies for dry skin. One of the easiest natural remedy for dry skin is to take an egg yolk and mix it with a few drops of lime and olive oil. Spread mixture all over face and leave it until skin feels dry. Wash it off with water and splash cold water. This will...