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Types of Skin Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation can be divided into a few types. Over here, we will introduce and discuss the types of skin pigmentation and what causes it generally. Usually, skin pigmentation cannot be controlled as different types of skin may require different sort of treatment to be used. However, we can try to prevent skin pigmentation by using sunscreen, removing dead skin cells through exfoliation and taking multivitamins.  

Causes of Skin Pigmentation

There are many causes of skin pigmentation. While skin pigmentation can take on many forms, most causes are generally unknown. There are some theories as to what causes skin pigmentation but these theories (which are to be discussed in later part) are just some of the external general reasons. However, it is known that causes of skin pigmentation are due to the fact that one can have either too much or not enough melanin in the skin.  

Introduction to Our Skin

Our skin is the largest organ system in our human body part which is made up of  multiple layers of tissue which protects our body from damage. The integumentary system of the skin function as a waterproof, cushion and protects the tissues, excrete wastes, regulate temperature and is the place where sensory receptors which help detect pain, pressure and temperature is found. The skin also helps to guard the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and...