Benefits of Coconut Oil for your Skin Care

Coconut oil is widely used due to its health benefits. From hair care , skin care, weight loss and maintaining cholesterol levels, coconut oil’s health benefits can be attributed due to the lauric acid which is found in the coconut oil.

Coconut oil in skin care is widely used as massage oil for the skin. Effective as a moisturizer on all types of skin especially on dry skin, the coconut oil is a popular home remedy. What’s more, there are no known side effects when applying coconut oil as a moisturizer compared to over the counter skin car products as some people maybe sensitive to the ingredients present in those skin care products.

Apart from keeping skin from dryness and flaking, coconut oil also prevents wrinkles and sagging of skin which usually comes with age. It also helps treat other skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis to name a few. The reason why coconut oil is able to help fight against premature aging is due to its anti oxidant properties which is present in coconut oil.

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  • Georgann Lay says:

    All wrinkle creams are a scam Most of these wrinkle creams actually stretch the skin with plumpers… making it appear firmer, however also stretching the wrinkle. This in the long run actually ages you. The dimethicones, silicones, parebens, perfumes etc etc etc… which are in most EVERY major anti-aging cream you can find in a department store… ALSO AGE YOU! lol If you want great skin forever… try eating SUPER FOODS, and not abusing your body with processed foods, and poisonous creams

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