Causes of Skin Pigmentation

There are many causes of skin pigmentation. While skin pigmentation can take on many forms, most causes are generally unknown. There are some theories as to what causes skin pigmentation but these theories (which are to be discussed in later part) are just some of the external general reasons. However, it is known that causes of skin pigmentation are due to the fact that one can have either too much or not enough melanin in the skin.
Because causes of skin pigmentation can vary from individuals, each case needs to be treated differently. Here are some of the factors that causes skin pigmentation
• Exposure to sun or UV rays
Too much exposure to sun can cause skin pigmentation, the most common type where freckles or moles will appear. More sun or UV rays exposed in later stages of life will lead to age spots or liver spots
• Hormone change due to pregnancy
In some women, pregnancy can cause a type of skin pigmentation known as pregnancy mask. However, the pigmentation usually fades away as the hormone levels in body returns back to normal
• Birth control pills
Long term use of birth control pills can interfere with body’s hormones causing skin pigmentation
• Lupus
An autoimmune disorder that causes hyper pigmentation
• Phototoxic reaction
Some people maybe sensitive towards certain ingredients in the cosmetics or skin care causing skin to burn more under the sun thus, causing skin pigmentiation
• Laser skin treatment
Laser skin treatment which is used to remove hair or even out skin can cause skin to be more sensitive towards the sun therefore increasing the risk of getting skin pigmentation through sun burn or exposure to UV rays.
• Medications
Steroids are known to cause pigmentation skin where freckles are formed.
• Aging
Aging is another factor that cause skin pigmentation and it is a natural aging process.

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