Common Acne Myths

We often misunderstand or make the wrong assumption about some of the skin problems relating to acne thus creating a bigger problem than what we already face on hand. It is important to correctly understand the much hated acne problems because wrong perception can lead to serious matters if acne is not tended properly.

Here are some of the common acne myths

  • Washing your face frequently will help clear up acne problems

Having a clean skin does not prevent acne breakouts. In fact, over washing your face can actually make matters worse as you strip your skin of oil. Vigorous washing can actually irritate your skin and make the acne worse.

  • Stress causes acne

Contrary to the belief that stress cause acne, scientific researches done shows that stress is not the main factor in causing acne outbreaks

  • Acne is caused by oily food

There is no scientific research that proves oily food can cause acne outbreak. However, some people may experience outbreaks after eating certain type of oily food but there is not one universal law that states this applies to everyone. We are all different individuals, after all.

  • Acne is caused by dirty skin

Although it is important to keep our face clean, however, dirt does not cause acne. Acne is actually formed when there is more production of sebum

  • Only teenagers have acne

Although teenagers are more prone to acne, it is absolutely untrue that adults do not have acne as acne is mostly connected to changes in hormones

  • Acne can be cured

As much as we wish this could be true, acne can only be controlled and prevented through proper skin care.

  • Let acne run its course

Never shrug it off if you have serious acne scars. Seek professional help from dermatologist if the problem is serious that if affects your daily life.

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