How to Get Rid of Acne on Your Back

Acne is often a problem that not only happens in the face but also one the back. Its one thing to get ride of acne on face but how to get rid of acne on your back? Acne on the back happens when just like acne, trapped dirt and excess sebum which are often aggravated by too much sweat from working out at gym or heavy housework and just leaving the sweat to dry.

Although it is said that acne breakouts on back are more common among men than women but women nonetheless would like a smooth and silky sexy back to show off and to get rid of acne on your back is quite important.

To get rid of acne on your back, the best way to prevent acne from happening is by prevention. Wash off the sweat from your skin right after a heavy sweaty work and exfoliate your skin regularly.

But what if you’ve already got the acne back problem now? How do you get rid of the acne on your back? You’ll need to keep yourself clean and never let the sweat dry off on your skin. Use a dry towel to wipe off the sweat off your skin before showering and 30 minutes later, hit the showers. Use an exfoliant, toner and a restoring lotion to clean off your back. Use a back scrubber for easier cleaning and remember that the cleanser should be mild. After stepping out of the shower, make sure that you dry your skin thoroughly with a clean and dry towel.

It is also advisable that while doing your workout, avoid wearing tight clothes as they will constrict and irritate the acne on your back. Place a towel over the exercise equipment or mat before workout so you do not get infected by the additional dirt on the equipment.

To get rid of acne on your back, try wearing cotton shirts or tops allows our skin to breathe easily. With that, you are also advised to frequently change your towels, pillow cases and sheets to prevent further infection.

Acne on your back can be quite stubborn and sometimes hereditary. If its persisitent and becoming painful, it is advisable to seek a dermatologist. There are certain oral treatments for the acne on your back but they contain chemicals that triggers depression so usually not recomended for those that are clinically depressed.

Acne on your back can also be caused by hormonal changes. It is best to avoid fast food, have a balance diet and drink lots of water as water are able to get rid of toxins.

Apart from that, you can ensure that before getting dressed, your back are completely dry,  apply sunscreen before exposing your back, try using clay mask to remove dirt from deep inside, try avoiding hot and clammy surroundings.

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