How to Have Varicose Free Legs

A lot of girls dream of having sexy legs just like the actresses on television. But how many of us in reality know how to care for our legs? We often take so much effort to care for our face that we often neglect our feet. Varicose veins are often the problem seen on women legs. These are conditions where the veins in the legs are abnormally dilated or swollen. Varicose veins are often caused either through pregnancy, age or simply heredity.

Regardless of the causes, you can still have a varicose vein free legs by simply following these simple set of tips.

  1. Avoid crossing leg when sitting as crossing your legs can decrease the leg vein pressure. Correct posture when sitting should always be feet down on the ground
  2. Always maintain a good posture even when standing
  3. Take regular exercise such as swimming, cycling, jogging or walking
  4. Try not to wear too ill tightly fitted clothes as they would constrain your legs, waist and groin
  5. Avoid standing for a long period of time
  6. Keep a normal body weight and avoid malfunction of blood circulation system which can cause pressure on the leg vein
  7. Try elevating your feet 6 – 12 inches by using pillows or any means to allow blood in lower legs to flow back to heart
  8. Avoid wearing too high heels especially when you need to stand long for over a period of time
  9. Avoid washing legs and feet with water immediately after a heavy exercise session and allow legs to rest for a few minutes

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