Remedies for Hyper Pigmentation

There are a few treatments or remedies for hyper pigmentation problems. However, before finding the remedies for hyper pigmentation, dermatologist often need to identify the skin pigmentation condition by using a series of visual examination and tests. At certain cases, biopsies are used to rule out cancerous growth. The general rule of thumb on the remedies for hyper pigmentation is to avoid excessive sun exposure and to use sun screen all the time. Here, we will discuss a few common remedies for hyper pigmentation cases.

In cases where freckles appear to be quite the common problem, dermatologists will advise to use sun screen and avoid excessive sun exposure. Most sun screen have different SPF also known as sun protection factor which indicates the time you have under the sun protected. For example, SPF 15 is calculated as 15×10 minutes which is an equivalent to 2.5 hrs meaning that you are protected for 2.5 hrs.

More common remedies for hyper pigmentation are skin lightening creams. Some of the more widely used form of skin lightening creams is hydroquinone which is used to block formation of new melanin. However in 2006, FDA has banned the use of hydroquinone due to its side effects.

Retin a is also used as a remedy for hyper pigmentation. However, retin a is most commonly used to treat acne. Most commercial products used this ingredient in the products which promotes skin anti aging or removal of wrinkles.

Topical steroid creams also are prescribed to help reduce the itching related to some cases of skin pigmentation. These steroid creams are able to help treat a variety of skin problems and are usually available through prescription and over the counter. Steroid creams are commonly prescribed to people with eczema.

Another common remedy for skin pigmentation is the glycolic acid peels. Glycolic acid peels are a non surgical facial treatment which helps to refine the skin texture and at the same time removes scars, marks and other skin imperfections.

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that is done by a dermatologist where the skin’s surface is gently removed. This procedure is usually done every 2 to 4 weeks for a total of six to eight treatments. However, microdermabrasion has its side effects which includes redness and swelling

Azelaic acid is also another form of remedy for hyper pigmentation where azelaic acid is used for skin lightening properties. Another function of azelaic acid is for acne and it is said that dark marks are reduce significantly after 6 mths of application. Azelaic acid however, can cause side effects such as skin irritation.

If all else fails, skillfully applied makeup and hypoallergenic cosmetics such as concealer can be used to cover the affected areas on the skin.

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