Dry Skin Care

Problem with dry skin is that it can be painful and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important that people with dry skin take care of their skin well. Although there are some cases where dry skin is hereditary, most common cases are caused by either medical conditions or external causes such as weather.

However, with the right daily skin care habits, you can ensure that your skin will be smooth and moist soon enough. Here are some tips for dry skin care people.

  • Try using cold or warm water instead of hot water showers. Hot water strips away the essential oils from skin faster and long showers causes skin to dry out. Limit yourself to shower 5 – 10 minutes a day
  • Use a non harsh and gentle cleanser that contains moisturizer. Choose unscented ones as perfumed cleansers tend to be harsh on skin
  • Put on moisturizer on skin while skin is still damn. Gently pat your skin with towel after shower then apply moisturizer within 5 minutes of washing to lock in the moisture in your skin
  • Look for the right kind of moisturizer by looking at some ingredients such as ceramides, lanolin, hyaluronic acid and glycerine when choosing a good moisturizer.
  • Make sure you wear sunscreen on areas of body that are exposed to sun. Look for sunscreen protection with SPF 15 and above

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