Side Effects of Waxing

When it comes to removing unwanted hair, we all have different methods that we individual adopt and prefer. Waxing happens to be one of the options available to get rid of unwanted hair. However,  there are side effects to waxing. Some of the side effects of waxing unwante3d hair are such like waxing can cause wrinkle formation. Usually, long term waxing will cause this because when you are doing your regular waxing, the skin tends to lose its elasticity and suppleness which would then start developing wrinkles. Long term waxing causes loss of skin elasticity and suppleness because of the action of ripping off the applied wax used during waxing.

Another side effect of waxing is that waxing can cause irritation and redness to your skin. Usually, this can be seen as soon as you finish waxing that area. However, the redness and irritation can be subsided through applying ice on the affected area.

For those that have sensitive skin, side effect of waxing includes skin rashes, slight subcutaneous bleeding and reddish bumps.

Apart from that, waxing using overheated wax can also result to skin darkening and burns. If you apply overheated wax to your skin, reddish brown spots would appear resulting to post-inflammatory pigmentation

Side effect of waxing also causes skin infection due to unclean waxing products. Waxing also causes allergic reactions especially those with sensitive skin. Results of allergic reactions on skin may include pustules at waxed area and severe skin rash.

Lastly, the side effect of waxing is the problem of ingrown hair where it happens because waxing is done on the opposite direction of  the follicle.

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