Tips on Waxing Skin

There are still lots of people that removes unwanted hair ineffectively by using wax. Because of the lack of knowledge on dos and dont’s of waxing, one can probably find his / herself experiencing the side effects of waxing.

Below are some tips on waxing skin

  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure on your skin at least 24 hours after waxing
  • It is not advisable to wear tight clothes after waxing
  • Make sure skin should be perfectly dry, clean from grease and from other body moisturizers and lotion before waxing
  • Avoid waxing if skin is sun burnt, irritated or infected
  • When applying hot wax, check temperature at the back of your hand before applying it onto the intended area
  • If you are using wax strips, always pull strip against hair growth directionx


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