Home Remedy Treatment for Pimples

The best treatment for pimples are usually home remedy treatments for pimples. These home remedy treatment for pimples are usually advised for people that would like to try out a more natural remedy before trying the medical ones.

However, one should always remember that these home remedy treatment for pimples will not give an overnight effect. Here are some of the best home remedy treatment for pimples that you can try at home

  • Use lemon or orange peel mixed and pounded into a paste together with water on the pimple affected area. Add a little flour and honey to make it form a thick paste and massage this to skin to help cleanse skin
  • Try rubbing garlic on pimple several times a day for pimples to disappear without scars. However, do not rub on the pimple harshly or you may break the skin causing intense burning when raw skin comes into contact with fresh garlic juice.
  • Try mixing this mixture on the pimples and wash after 15 minutes with lukewarm water then followed by cold water. Mix a teaspoon of honey with a half teaspoon of camphor lotion and tomato juice. This helps to lighten the spots left by pimples
  • Slice cucumber and apply all over face for 15 minutes then wash with water to help prevent dryness on facial skin, pimples and blackheads.
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