Basic Skin Care Regime

There are 3 basic steps that we must do everyday to ensure a healthy and glowing skin. This basic skin care regime should be done daily because our skin which is the largest organ in our body needs care so we can look good everyday and in later years following our aging process.

The first step when you wake up in the morning (besides brushing your teeth) is to cleanse your face. Depending on the type of skin you have, a good choice of cleanser will ensure that dusts and other micro organisms are cleansed thoroughly. If you are having an dry skin, the tip would be to choose cleansers that are cream base or have less soap bubbles. This is because cleansers that produce a lot of soap are usually very heavily alkalized which can cause your skin to dry further

After cleansing, you will need a toner. The toner functions to close up the pores of your skin after the cleansing session. Some may argue that there are no such things as pored opening or closing but toner also functions to clean the skin of oil. You may also want to choose your toner carefully as different toner functions differently for different types of skin

The last step to the basic skin care regime is to moisturize. Moisturize is a very important step in the basic skin care regime as moisturizer helps prevent loss of moisture and dehydration of skin. They also help to speed up the process of cell renewal.

Additional steps that you may want to take on top of having the three basic steps are to scrub and put on a mask. Scrubbing our face once a week is to ensure that the dead skin cells that are building up on our face will be cleansed. Scrubbing also functions to ensure that white or black heads do not appear easily on our skin. Apart from scrubbing, you may also want to consider putting on a mask. There are basically 2 types of mask available in the market. One is the peel off mask and another is the cream mask. Some mask that has the function of moisturizing can be used daily whereas some masks which has the function of whitening may be advisable to be used once a week

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