8 Things to Avoid for a Healthier Skin

There are many ways that we can do to take care and improve the beauty of our skin. However, many people still do things the wrong way. I would like to share some basic things you need to avoid doing to achieve a healthier and radiant looking skin

1. Do not use bath soaps to wash face
Bath soaps are designed for our body. Using it on the face will cause dryness and tightness on the face and some bath soaps may be too strong for our delicate facial skin

2. Apply sun screen / sun block all the time
Sun exposure is one of the main causes of premature skin aging. Applying sun screen / sun block will help protect our delicate skin from those harmful UV rays

3. Remove makeup everyday
Make sure you remember to use the makeup removal to remove makeup before going to bed everyday. Leaving your makeup on will cause clog pored on skin which will in turn cause acnes

4. Exfoliate weekly
Some people exfoliate everyday and this is bad as exfoliate functions to remove dead skin cells. However, over exfoliating your skin may cause skin damage and dryness on skin

5. Do not over do facial treatments
While facial treatments offer lots of benefits to the skin, avoid having it done everyday. The best advice to do treatment is monthly as this will give time for your skin to regenerate and breathe.

6. Avoid using wrong products
Many facial products offer a wide range of products to suit different types of skin. However, you need to be careful not to wrongly choose the products. Always seek professional advice as a product that is good for your friend does not mean that it is works for you too! Using wrong products over a period of time can cause skin sensitivity.

7. Stop Smoking
A great reason to quit smoking for smokers out there as smoking can be extremely harmful to your skin. Smoking destroys elastin and collagen which is an essential ingredient in maintaining a healthy skin

8. Avoid sleeping on your side at times
Sleeping with your face on the pillow can cause skin damage. However, if you really like sleeping on your side, try using silk or satin pillowcase as these soft cloth textures will not provoke creases on skin

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