Organic Treatment for Acne

Organic treatment for acne is fast gaining popularity when the whole world is concern with going green or back to basic. Organic treatment for acne is popular as it is another natural way of treating acne without using synthetic materials that may harm our skin in the long run. One of the most popular form of organic treatment for acne is using aloe vera. While aloe vera in fact cannot cure acne, it is however very effective in healing and repairing broken skin and scar formation. It is also helps sooth the burning skin.

Another form of organic treatment are green tea leaves. Green tea leaves is not only great for consumption for the source of antioxidant, it is also helps to reduce inflammation. In fact, it actually provides the same effect as topical drugs without drying your skin. After having a cup of green tea, you can use the leaves and apply it daily on the affected area.

Olive oil especially extra virgin actually helps in preventing breakouts by using it as either mask or simply by rinsing your face with it. A little amount applied over the face then wipe it clean with warm water can do wonders for your skin. If you would like to try applying it as a mask, ensure your face is clean then apply olive oil all over your face. Cover it with a clean cloth and wait for 30 minutes before removing the mask.

Red clover is also another organic treatment that also helps to treat skins with conditions such as eczema and rashes. Red clover contains genistein that modifies the androgen that controls sebum production, therefore, controlling the growth of acne.

Other popular organic treatment for acne includes apple cider vinegar, egg white as well as apricot and strawberry extracts which can be used and applied on face as a mask

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