Cover Up Acne with Make up

Many times the first thing when we get acne is to apply makeup over it so that the acne will appear less eye catching. But is it advisable to cover up acne with makeup? While using makeup can help you boost your confidence, using makeup may create unnecessary irritation and breakouts.

It is known that people that use make up often have acne which are caused when the skin becomes irritated. People that often suffer from makeup acne often have acne on the chin and cheeks more than the forehead. It usually appears like a small whitish bump that can sometimes be red as well. These acne which are caused by cosmetics are usually stubborn and can last many years.

So is it advisable to use make up at all? The advice is to minimize the usage of makeup if possible. If you must, choose sheer, water based, non-comedogenic products and during application, touch gently on face for a few seconds to minimize the irritation.

While there is no such thing as makeup free acne products, always keep in mind to choose cosmetics that are fragrance free and non-comedogenic

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