Tips for Applying Make up on Acne

Tips for applying makeup on acne are for those of us who would die rather than walk out of the house without makeup. While it is not advisable to apply makeup on your already irritated skin, some of us prefer to apply makeup to cover up the blemish than walk out without any. So here are some tips for applying makeup on acne.

Top of your mind whenever applying makeup on your acne is always to avoid cosmetics with fragrances as they can irritate the skin

When you apply primer on your skin, try not to massage in the primer as this can cause unnecessary irritation. Gently tap the primer with the tips of your fingers with the reminder of touching your skin as lightly and softly as possible.
As you start apply the foundation, avoid long wearing foundations or thick cream types. Make sure the applicators that you are using are always clean as they can collect a lot of bacteria which could irritate your skin. Try using the same technique as applying primer for the foundation using the tips of your fingers. If you must use a applicator, gently brush it on your skin for a few seconds. The same rule applies when applying for pressed powder.

When using concealer, avoid those heavy and greasy ones. If u really must conceal the spots, try using your finger tips with a feather light touch.
While you apply your blusher, always remember that touch lightly for a few seconds. Liquid blushers are actually greasy so try avoid liquid blushers.

When choosing a bronzer, try avoiding the ingredient bismuth oxychloride which can induce itch and irritates your skin for most people.

Lastly, for tinted moisturizers, always remember than it functions more of a moisturizer than concealing those unwanted pores. Apply the tinted moisturizer with feather light touch as well. You can actually add 5-6 drops of jojoba oil into the moisturizer before application.

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