Tips for Removing Makeup on Acne

Now that you have learn some tips for applying makeup on acne, what about removing the makeup? Removing makeup on acne is just as tricky as applying makeup on acne but it is a skill that once you learn it will stick to you for a lifetime. So here are some tips for removing makeup on acne.

The most sensitive part of our face would be on the eyes because the dermis layer on our skin is most thinnest and if you realize it, its almost always one of the first place wrinkles appear. So in order to remove eye makeup, always remember not to scrub too roughly. Try using mineral oil or jojoba oil on the cotton or cotton pad for tough to remove makeup.

When removing foundation, powder, concealer and blush, using your hands, use the facial cleanser and gently wash off the makeup. If your makeup doesn’t come off easily, its probably time to switch to a more lighter and sheer brand.

Last of all, always wash your applicators frequently to avoid bacteria buildup. And if you must use the washing machine to wash the applicator, do not use fabric softener as it could aggravate acne.

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