How to Wash Acne Prone Face Properly

I think a lot of people will advise you that it is vital that to have a strict 3 step regime for caring for your skin which is always to wash, tone and moisturize. The problem is no one actually advising how to wash your acne prone face properly.

Most are often left confused that as long as she is keeping the 3 step regime of washing, toning and moisturizing, your skin will glow and look at its best. However, most that follow this 3 step regime would also be left puzzled why the results are often now what they expected. The problem is most are not thought how to was their face properly while following the 3 step regime blindly.

The fact is that it is really quite simple to adopt some of the golden rules of washing your face properly. All you need to do is to follow these few golden rules

Rule # 1 on How to Wash Acne Prone Face Properly
The 3 step regime of wash, tone and moisturize should always be done every day and twice a day. Once in the morning after you brush your teeth and another time in the night before you go to sleep. Always remember to do it every day

Rule #2 on How to Wash Acne Prone Face Properly
Be gentle when you wash your face. Most people either just splash a few times on their face and be done with it or scrub their face really hard with the thinking to get rid of all the grime and dirt collected. They fail to understand that splashing the water onto your face doesn’t really thoroughly cleanse your face or scrubbing it helps to rub a way all the dirt. In fact, scrubbing too hard can cause irritation on your skin. So always remember that you need to be gentle and treat your face with the lightest touch

Rule #3 on How to Wash Acne Prone Face Properly
Lastly, the 3 step regime is often called a regime because you need to follow it strictly like how you always brush your teeth every day. Don’t be lazy and wash your face on alternate days or skip washing it twice a day because you feel tired or not up to it. After all, while some are born with natural beauty, most need to make up for it by putting in a little more effort in the hopes of creating and maintaining a glowing and radiant skin.

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