10 Things You Should Know about Skin Care

There are a lot of misconceptions about our skin and most of them are usually passed down from word of mouth. These misconceptions usually lead us to believe and the results are usually the opposite effect of what we desire of our skin’s health. Here are 10 things that you should know about skincare

1. Drinking water is good for your skin
While drinking water is a necessity for our body to function properly, excessive water intake can cause bloating

2. Use only 1 brand and line of beauty products
This is most probably a marketing gimmick used by cosmetic manufacturers who would love to keep their customers loyal to their brand

3. Natural ingredients in cosmetics are non-allergenic
If you are allergic to that ingredient, you are allergic to it no matter it is natural or chemical

4. Pores can be shrink
Pore sizes are genetically pre-determined

5. Chocolate and oily food causes acne
By far, no one has proven that both chocolate and oily food causes breakouts of acne. However, if you do find a correlation, stop eating that particular food

6. Sun helps to clear blemishes
Sun may help to dry out pimples, but sun also does damages to healthy skin cells.

7. Wrinkles are caused by dry skin
Don’t be mistaken but wrinkles are actually caused by excessive sun exposure. So make sure you put on your sun screen before going out!

8. cucumber can cure under eye puffiness
The only reason why the effect of your under eye puffiness is immediately seen less is because the cucumber needs to be store cold in the refrigerator before hand. In fact, the effect works the same if you put a cold towel under your eye

9. Vitamin E heals scars
Til today, there is no evidence for this although some have heard from friends that it does work wonders on scars. The fact is, Vitamin E can be irritating or create an allergic reaction.

10. Blackheads are caused by not washing your face daily
While there is some truth in this sentence but beware. Blackhead is actually caused by dirt buildup in your pores. Not exfoliating your face constantly will cause dirt to accumulate in your pores. However, it is advisable to do it once a week and not everyday as over exfoliating can in return cause skin damage instead.

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