Effects of Excessive Sun Exposure

What are the effects of excessive sun exposure? Do you know that the number one cause for damaged and premature skin aging is the excessive exposure to sun. One would usually advise you that in order to maintain a youthful looking skin, it is necessary to spend as little time as possible under the sun even if you are using sun blocks.

However, contradiction happens when our body needs vitamin D which can be easily obtained through sunlight and over risking sun exposure. Vitamin D deficiency which is getting more common for kids at a very young age due to the lack of sun exposure is a very serious health problem. Deficiency in Vitamin D can cause chronic imbalance by blocking the absorption of calcium and phosphorus thus leading to bone deterioration.

So what happens to our skin when there is too much exposure to sunlight? Our skin actually goes into a physiological reaction by reddening from the dilation of blood vessel caused by the heat of the sun. Excessive sun exposure not only causes premature skin aging, there is also the chance of developing skin cancer at areas which are most exposed to sunlight.

The skin cancer foundation recommends us to start using sun protection from childhood and SPF15 and above is best used during the first 18 years of your life. However, it is reminded that although wearing sun block may limit the risk of excessive sun exposure, it does not eliminate the chances of the exposed skin developing skin cancer at a long period

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