Causes of black circle around eyes

While many people relate to the black circle around eyes to the lack of sleep, there may be some other underlying reasons to this. Some of the things that maybe causing the black circle around eyes could be due to :-

Allery – allergies are often one of the more common causes of black circle around eyes. If the dark circles and puffiness are constant, you may be suffering from an undetected food allergy. Talk to your local dermatologist for help determining what you are allergic too as people with allergies tend to be deficient in B6, folic acid and B12.

Pigment irregularities – irregular pigmentation can cause darker circles around the eyes

Sun exposure – exposure to sun can increase the production of melanin

Gluten intolerance – this is another allergy that causes dark circles around eyes which is caused by wheat flour.

Nasal congestion – blocked nose can also result to the dark circles around eyes as the viens that drain from eyes to the nose are darkened and dilated

Heredity – dark circles around your eyes could run in your family and while it is not totally impossible to get rid of them, the success is minimal

Aging – the thinning of the skin from aging makes the veins and vessels more obvious as fat and collagen depletes with age.

Facial features – dark circles around the eyes could also come with your facial features and there is little that you can do other than covering it up with cosmetics

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