5 Different Causes of Acne Breakouts

If you have read enough about the causes of acne breakouts and don’t find anything new, perhaps you should try reading the 5 different causes of acne breakouts as below because these 5 causes are not the conventional reasons of stress or food but rather a more out-of-the-box reasons. Read more to find out these mysteries

One of the causes of acne breakouts could surprisingly be your handphone. This is because while pressing your cheek and chin against the phone can cause pimple producing oils to collect and these oil combined with the bacteria on your mobile phone can help aggravate the situation

Another different cause of acne breakout could be due to your partner. Believe it or not but being cheek to cheek with your partner could cause breakouts as well. This is because if your partner is using hair gel when you are cuddling up, this could get in your face causing acne. The oil from the hair gel could also be transferred from your pillows if you are sharing one. To avoid this, try asking your partner to use non-comedogenic products and oil free hairstyling products.

If its not your partner’s hairstyling products, it could also be yours because hair styling products are basically oil based which could easily be transferred from the pillows onto your face while you are sleeping. Try looking for oil free products and look for the ingredients label for acne trigger additives such as silicone, petrolatum and emulsifier Laurth-23. Also, remember to wash your pillow cases frequently as they too will absorb oil and other dirts which could all activate acne.

Other different causes of acne breakout could also be your toothpaste. While some people recommend a dab of toothpaste as pimple fighter, some people actually find the fluoride toothpaste triggering the acne instead.

The last cause of acne breakout is your water. Washing your face with water often leaves mineral residue on your skin which could clog pores and in some serious matter, cause irritation such as eczema. Water filters and purifiers can reduce the concentration of heavy metal that could help prevent pimple causing and irritation

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