Correct Place to Apply Sun Block

Applying sun block on the correct places on parts of your body can help wonders in preventing skin cancer. This is because these correct places to apply sun block are often places you forget to apply or do not care of.

One of the most forgotten places to apply sun block is on your scalp. In fact, some dermatologist says that skin cancer is commonly seen on the scalp where the sun burn happens. Use spray on or powder sun block or you can always opt to wear a hat when you are outside

Another often missed places is on your eye lids. If you need to be out on the sun for a long period of time, wear a UV protective wrap around sunglasses especially if you’re the skin around your eyes are sensitive to sun block

Another exposed area that most people to do think of apply sun block is on your ears. The fact is we do get exposed to UV even while driving so remember to put some on your ears even if you are not getting down from the car.

The top of your hands already also frequently exposed to the sunlight. Constantly exposing the top of your hands to sun can actually cumulate UV damage and age faster which is the reason why it is often said that the one area of your body which shows your true age. So remember to purchase hand creams with SPF 30

Our lips are also another part that we often do not think to protect against UV. This can easily be resolved by always remembering to apply SPF 30 lip balm.

Apart from that, our neck and chest area are also often forgotten. Remember applying sun block on these places especially if you often wear V neck or scoop neck shirts.

If you are going for a swim, another part often missed is the back of your body and the edges surrounding your swim suit. We recommend you to apply the sun block before putting on your bathing suit and try applying it 15 minutes before you put on your swim suit so that you let the sun block settle on your skin.

Last but not least, the often ignore place to put sun block is on your feet. If you are often wearing sandals, remember to apply sun block on your feet as well

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