General Types of Sensitive Skin

When people mention that they have sensitive skin, it generally does not point to a specific sort of sensitivity but rather a range of conditions which includes acne, rosacea and contact dermatitis.

One of the general sensitive skin reaction is acne. Acne can appear easily as whiteheads or blackheads when you have sensitive skin. From pimples to cysts to pustules, your skin can be susceptible to breakouts. So word of advice to those sensitive skin that tends to react by having breakouts, avoid oil based skin care products and cosmetics which can easily clog your pores. Do take note that even natural ingredients such as avocado and coconut oil cause breakouts. Try using water based cosmetics especially when it comes to makeup.

Another general sensitive skin reaction is rosacea. Rosacea is a sort of skin disease that causes redness and pimples on your nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. It is also known as the adult acne because it causes breakouts that looks like acne. Rosacea often causes burning and soreness in eyes and eyelids. Rosacea happens when something triggers the blood vessels in your face to expand causing redness. Common triggers of rosacea includes sun and win exposure, exercise, spicy food, alcohol, hot weather stress and hot baths. If your sensitive skin is happening due to rosacea, then you are likely to experience redness, swelling, visible blood vessels on your face and small pimples when your skin is irritated. Take extra care as well as rosacea can flare up even when you are just practicing the 3 vital face care regime. Avoid putting vitamin C, alpha hydroxyl acids, fragrance or alcohol on your face.
The feeling of burning or stinging also happens on people facing with sensitive skin. While nobody knows exactly what the causes to this feeling are, avoid acidic ingredients such as lactic acid, acelaic acid, benzoic acid, vitamin C, glycolic acid and alpha hydroxyl acids which are often know as aggressors.

Lastly, contact dermatitis on sensitive skin happens in 2 types of forms, the allergic reaction and irritant. Allergic reaction happens when rashes appear on your skin showing signs that your immune system is creating antibodies in response to whatever that caused the reaction. Irritant simply means that your skin is reacting to an irritant on the surface of your skin. If you are constantly bugged by contact dermatitis, try staying away from skin care products and cosmetics which has added fragrance, preservatives, coloring and formaldehyde as these ingredients are known to cause rashes on sensitive skin

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