Simple Tips for Sensitive Skin

Here are some simple and easy tips for caring for sensitive skin. Its designed for those that wants a fuss free care. Simple to remember so you don’t have to carry around a list when you are purchasing any products for your sensitive skin.

Below are some of the simple and easy tips for you :-

Always look for fragrance free and water based skin care and cosmetic products
Do not scrub very hard on your skin
Do a patch test on your hands before using any skin care products or cosmetics on your face
Moisturize with products designed for sensitive skin
Wash your face with gentle cleansers using lukewarm and not hot water
Allow skin to dry before applying moisturizers or topical medications
Use a sun block that has a minimum of SPF 15 that contains at least one of the sensitive skin friendly ingredients such as silicone, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide
Avoid wearing clothes that are made from irritating fibers such as acrylic or wool

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