Food Diet for Eczema

While eczema is usually treated by using creams or medication, we can always try to control eczema through proper and good diet. So what are the right diets for eczema prone people? There isn’t one actually but more of a guideline that we can share of the proper food diet for eczema sufferers out there. The guidelines below for the proper diet for eczema will help reduce toxin intake and increase the anti-inflammatory

  1. Try consuming more blueberries as they are high in anti-inflammatory properties
  2. Do a food allergy test to find out what triggers the eczema
  3. Try doing a body cleansing diet monthly or bi-monthly to purge toxins from your body
  4. Try going organic as it helps to reduce the toxins such as hormones, pesticides and other unwanted ingredients in processed food which are harmful to our immune system
  5. Reduce the intake of red meat and eventually cut it out from your diet as red meat are hard to digest
  6. Take low mercury fish such as talapia
  7. Use a good probiotic which helps in your digestive system
  8. Adapt an alkaline diet by increasing intake of fruits and vegetables.
  9. Try avoiding products with fluoride as an ingredient as they are bad for our immune system
  10. Install chlorine filter in your bathroom as chlorine kills the good bacteria in your digestive tract
  11. Avoid consuming soy milk as it contains estrogen that causes a bit of a problem in our digestive system
  12. Cow’s milk may also contain hormones and antibiotics unless it is organic. Even so, it is hard to digest and not very recommended
  13. Consume only whole grain bread and pastas as processed white flour are highly inflammatory. Look out for gluten free diet in the ingredient list as this is beneficial for a proper diet for eczema as well
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